Festive Marketing. Get it right.

I know, I know – it seems too soon to discuss it. Never the less …

Christmas, New Year, and the entire Festive Season should be a busy, prosperous time for many businesses. Hospitality and retail in particular. But what can you do to ensure you gain your share of a crowded market. How do you ensure your voice is heard by your customers through all the noise. We’ve put together a few tips and some simple guidance on what you need to think about and prepare, to make the most of your marketing for the season.

Make A Detailed Plan

A great way to start is to look back at what you did on previous years, consider what worked well, and what could have gone better. Look at your competition and see what worked well for them, and of course, what didn’t. And although most of us don’t have the budget to match John Lewis & Sainsbury’s marketing campaigns, we can learn a lot from them. Understand what they do and their approach can be scaled to suit your business, your budget, and your customers’ needs.

As with all marketing campaigns, you should know your customers and understand what they are looking for. If you know your market is aged 50+, should you be enticing them in with foam parties or free milkshakes?

Design & Communicate Your Message

Create a theme for your campaign that’s relevant to your business, your customers desires, and current trends. When you have an idea that encompasses all three, you have your marketing plan starting point. Make sure your design works across all the media over which you have chosen to promote – Print, Web, Social Media, Press, etc.

Advertise & Market

You have your plan. You know what you want to say. You know how it is going to look. Now you need to decide where, when and how you’re going to reach your customers. Knowing who your customers are is the first step in ensuring your message gets to them. Remember, most customers don’t buy on first contact. Make sure that you interact with them across as many channels as possible. And above all – keep it simple. Keep it clear.

Here are some key dates for you to note:


  • Review previous campaign effectiveness
  • Consider your audience and choose a campaign voice
  • Start your plan
  • Set a campaign budget
  • Create all promotional content
  • Finalise and schedule your festive marketing strategy


  • Finalise visual designs
  • Create adverts
  • Print marketing ready to run
  • Website content finalised and launched
  • Run early-bird offers / packages


  • Launch your campaign
  • Begin email & social media campaigns
  • Raise internal promotions
  • Surface campaign content on your website and social media
  • Review initial interaction and alter where required
  • Monitor competitors campaigns


  • Continue your campaign
  • Second phase of email & social media
  • Create and promote Black Friday deal / offer
  • Review interaction and alter where required


  • Increase PPC advertising
  • Monitor campaign daily
  • Continue promotions
  • Focus on and target last minute uptake
If you’d like more information on how to maximise your festive campaign and increase your share of the Christmas Pie – get in touch.