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Getting Online Within Budget.

Imagine you could get a professional, design agency website for about the cost of your daily takeaway cappuccino. I know, cheesy marketing line – but you can.

When starting a new business, or running a small company it can be difficult to spare the budget for a great website that will do your business justice, attract new viewers and convert them into customers – and of course, give you full control with room to grow. We think we have the answer for you …

… Subscribe.

OK. You’re interested. I’ll tell you all about it.

Our new, flexible, ‘Pay As You Grow’ websites are a cost effective, hassle free, professional way of getting your business online without sacrificing brand, design, style or new technologies. You get a professionally designed website from our design agency and we’ll advise and assist you right through the development process.

What’s Included?

  • A Content Managed Website
  • 10 Free Stock Images
  • 2 Website Admin Accounts
  • Website personalised & Branded: With Your Logo, Brand Colours, Typography, Images & Text Content
  • Push / Promotional Features
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Google Map
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Social Media Links
  • Unlimited Website Traffic
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Images & Image Galleries
  • Blog With Unlimited Posts
  • Daily Website Backup

How does it work?

  1. We have a chat about your business, your customers, your competition and your online needs;
  2. Choose a domain name, or transfer an existing domain to us;
  3. Choose your subscription package – 3 options available to suit your budget and requirements;
  4. We show you what your website might look like and discuss how to plan your content;
  5. We build your website – designed and branded with your colours, logos, style and page structure;
  6. You supply the content to us and pick or supply images;
  7. We format, style and add your content to the website;
  8. We show how to edit the website content;
  9. Your website is fully checked and tested before lunch … I mean launch;
  10. We put your new website live.

And. There’s more …

To help you make the most of your new website we have created a few optional bolt-ons. Most of which can be added and removed whenever you need them – with the exception of SSL & Ecommerce – both have a 1 year subscription. Here’s a selection:

  • Website SEO – We can help you perform well in those pesky Google searches; increasing traffic to your site.
  • PPC Advertising  – Making the most of your online search and social advertising. Research and reporting attribution ensures you the best possible return for your budget.
  • A/B Testing – Creating and live testing 2 variations of key pages, such as the home page, contact, product page, etc – to determine which will maximise user engagement and encourage goal conversion.
  • SSL Security – To avoid ‘browser security warnings’ and protect your customers’ information and show your site is secure with an SSL certificate.

A few more of your questions answered …

Is there a setup cost?

Yes. There is a one off initial cost that covers all setup, design customisation, content adding and formatting of your new website – however, you can opt to roll that cost into your monthly subscription.

Can I cancel?

There is a minimum 12 month contract on your subscription, but after that, you can cancel at any time.

What if I need some addition custom functionality added to the website later?

We design and build websites all day long – of every size and description – so whatever you need your website to do we can quote you a price, and we can make it do it.

Can I edit content myself?

Your website is fully content managed so you will be able to add unlimited pages, text, images, image galleries, blog posts, etc.

Is there a limit to how many page, images, blog posts?

No. Feel free to try and fill up the internet.

How many products can I sell with the Ecommerce option?

As many as you have to sell – no limits.

Is there a fee or commission for Ecommerce sales?

Not from us. Although your payment gateway, or bank usually have transaction fees. But that’s for you to negotiate with them.

Who owns the website and its content if I cancel my subscription?

We own the website structure but all of the content, images, etc, remain fully your copyright and ownership.

OK then. What’s the catch?

Really – there isn’t one. For a first class, professional website with agency backing, there is a small one-off setup cost, a very affordable monthly subscription with both bolt-on options to help you grow. And that’s about it.  We believe that by helping new-start and small companies launch and grow we build great working relationships that benefit everyone.

And remember?

We are a Design & Marketing Agency. We have been designing and marketing for a very long time. And we will guide you through the process and will be here for whatever you need us for.

Makes sense? If you’d like more information or want to talk to us, please drop us a line.