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Preparing to rebrand

If you’re planning a new brand and logo design, it’s essential you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from the process.

You should understand what your current brand communicates to your customers, what you would like your new brand to communicate, and where you would like to position your business within your market. It’s also very helpful to consider how your rebrand will be implemented for maximum impact. How will it impact your website design, marketing strategy, etc?

Use these helpful prompts as a starting point whether you’re ready to brief your agency or just preparing to start discussions. Having honest, considered answers to all of these will go a long way to ensuring a successful results:

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  • What do you want to achieve with a rebrand?
  • What 3 words best describe your business?
  • What 3 words would your customers use to describe you?
  • Is your business growing or changing?
  • Do you want your business to grow or change?

Your competitors

  • Who are your closest competitors – local & national?
  • Who do you aspire to compete with?
  • What makes you different from your competitors?

Your customers B2B

  • In fewer than 20 words, describe your current typical client’s business.
  • In fewer than 20 words, describe your ideal client.
  • What percentage of your current clients are your ideal?
  • How do your clients find you?
  • What percentage of clients are repeat?

Your customers B2C

  • What is the ideal age of your customers – within 10 years?
  • What percentage of customers are in that ideal group?
  • What is the current typical age parameters of customer base?
  • How do your customers find you?
  • What percentage of customers are repeat?

You & your brand

  • Do you have any colour preference, if yes, why?
  • Do you want to retain anything from your current brand?
  • Do you have any specific iconography you feel relevant to your business?
  • Do you have or need a strapline?
  • What should your strapline convey?
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