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Now and again we like to post the odd bit of lamontdesign news, project information, and occasionally some useful industry insights.

lamontdesign Design Agency Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Fort William, Scotland

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Pay As You Grow

Imagine you could get a professional, design agency website for about the cost of your daily takeaway cappuccino. I know, cheesy marketing line - but you can. You'll like this.

Search Engine Optimisation

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Website Audit & Competitor Analysis

Have you ever wondered how well your competitors’ websites perform against yours? Are they attracting more visitors and converting more customers than your website - and if so, how much more, and how are they doing it?

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Web & Digital Designer

As a Web Designer in lamontdesign you will be responsible for the concept, design and development of projects across various digital channels – web, mobile, etc. You’ll work closely with the Creative and Development team as well Client Account Managers. You should be comfortable working with internal and external stakeholders……

Brand Agency - Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Fort William, Scotland

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Preparing to rebrand

Preparing to rebrand? Use these helpful prompts as a starting point whether you’re ready to brief your agency or just preparing to start discussions.

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Festive Marketing

We’ve put together a few tips and some simple guidance on what you need to think about and prepare, to make the most of your marketing for the festive season.

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Inbound Marketing

By aligning your content with your customers' needs, you will attract ‘inbound’ traffic - traffic more likely to become customers.

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New Edinburgh office

Our new studio is up and running in Edinburgh. After much searching, viewing, reviewing, discussions and planning we’ve found the ideal creative space. The Creative Exchange in Leith is our new Edinburgh home.

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Make the most of your social media page layouts with this handy reference guide.

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Writing a website brief

Communicating a great brief to your design agency helps them fully understand your, and your clients needs. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most from your project.

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Importance of good images

While unique, well written, relevant website content brings visitors to your website, the design and the imagery deliver the first visual impression.

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Importance of good copy

The best way of attracting traffic to your website, engaging visitors and converting those visitors into customers is good, clear communicative content.