What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the most effective marketing method for doing business online.  61% of global internet users search for products online with a close rate of approx 15%. In comparison, outbound marketing such as print, direct mail, etc, have a 1.7% close-rate.

By aligning your content with your customer’s needs, you will attract ‘inbound’ traffic. Inbound Marketing is creating an environment where customers find you, rather than you shouting loudly, fighting for potential customer’s attention. It is great content delivered in areas your customers will find it. It attracts quality leads to your business, builds loyalty, and above all is much more efficient and effective than more traditional outbound ‘interruption’ marketing.



Ideally, you want more than just any old traffic visiting your website, you want active traffic – interested traffic with the potential to become customers. There are lots of ways to ‘drive’ large volumes of hits to your website, usually by paying for clicks, but rarely does that prove productive in comparison to organic visits. Key tools used to attract the right visitors include:

Content | Inbound marketing starts with well written, original content. Creating new and useful content is the single best way to attract new visitors to your website. Create educational content with personality that answers their questions. – build confidence.

SEO | Customers usually begin their journey by searching online for product information and sourcing potential suppliers. You need to make sure you are available and found when they search. Optimize your website to appeal to your ideal customers, and create a digital presence full of helpful content to attract and engage.

Social Publishing | Creating an effective social presence is an essential component of any great digital marketing strategy. Know your market and understand how and where they use social media. Then deliver interesting and relevant content to enjoy solid results.

Convert & Close

Now that you’ve attracted potential customers to your website, you want to know who they are. Encourage them to get in touch and offer their contact details. Having those details allows you to communicate directly with them whenever required. Create enticing ‘Calls to Action’ that will encourage visitor engagement; “Download a Menu”, “View Product Spec Sheet”, “Sign up for Discounts”, etc – or better still, “Buy Now”, “Book Now”.  Without a call to action your visitor might miss the next step in the buying process. You’ve attracted and engaged interested visitors. Now, it’s time to transform those leads into customers.

Build Lasting Relationships

Inbound Marketing has brought customers to you and helped build your businesses profile. Use the same engagement techniques and communication strategies to build lasting relationships with your newly found customers –  keep them coming back to you – keep them talking to other potential customers about you.

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