• Search Engine Optimisation

Website Audit & Competitor Analysis.

How does your website measure up to your competition?

Have you ever wondered how well your competitors’ websites perform against yours? Are they attracting more visitors and converting more customers than your website – and if so, how much more, and how are they doing it? A Website Audit & Competitor Analysis will give you the information you need to directly compare your online performance. It will show exactly where they are gaining and what you need to do compete more effectively.

So, does your website …

  • get as much traffic as your competitors’?
  • attract and convert as many customers as it could?
  • look as good as your competitors’?
  • communicate the quality of service you offer?
  • play an active role in your business growth?

And is your website …

  • optimised to attract traffic?
  • effective on all mobile platforms?
  • content friendly and easy to read?
  • engaging for customers to use?
  • a key revenue driver in your business?

Comparing your site’s performance directly against your competition will show clearly how best to enhance your online presence and give you the tools and the inside knowledge to ensure your website is optimised, effective, attracting new customers and competing in your marketplace.

What does a Website Audit consist of?

Competitor Analysis

Measures your website’s traffic performance against your competitors – how many visitors are they attracting, where are they attracting them from, and how are they doing it? This is crucial information that will help you move ahead of the crowd and gain more customers.

SEO Analysis

Checks your Search Engine Optimisation is efficient, strong and effective. It highlights what can be done to improve traffic numbers to your website.

Technical Analysis

If your website isn’t performing as it should, it will have a negative impact on your search engine results. For example, slow loading, missing content, and general errors will all have a detrimental effect on your website’s effectiveness.

User Experience

Is your site engaging and easy to navigate? Does it encourage visitors to spend time browsing? And most importantly, does your content answer all of the questions a visitor might have, and encourage them to contact or buy from you?

Design & Brand Review

Does the design for your website deliver your message effectively and does it sell your services in the way that it should?

By combining these reports and benchmarking them directly against your competition, you can make sure your website is effective. If you’d like more information or want to talk to us about website / competitor audits, please drop us a line.