Writing a great website design brief

If you’re planning a new website and would like us to help, the more we know about your company the more effective a product we can deliver for you. So whether you want to write and submit a full brief, or just prepare your thoughts before talking to us, the notes below are a great place for you to start:

Your company

  • Describe your company in a short paragraph.
  • What do you sell / services do you provide?
  • What 3 single words best describe your business?
  • What 3 single words would your customers use to describe you?
  • Who are your closest competitors – local & national?
  • Who do you aspire to compete against?
  • What makes your company different from your competitors?
  • Is your business growing or changing?
  • Do you want your business to grow or change – and in what way?

Your customers

  • What’s your website used for, i.e Research, Pricing, eCommerce, Getting your contact details?
  • Who are your customers – public / trade?
  • What is the average age of your customers?
  • What business type are your clients?
  • How do your customers usually hear about you?
  • What percentage of customers are repeat trade?

Your current website

  • What works well on your current website?
  • What doesn’t work well on your current website?
  • Do you want to retain anything from your current website?
  • How many visits does your website get?
  • What percentage of website visits are from mobile devices?
  • How frequently does your site generate sales or real enquiries?
  • How much time do you currently devote to keeping your website up to date?
  • How much time would you commit to keeping your new website up to date?

The new website

  • What do you want to achieve with a new website?
  • What functionality does the website require?
  • Is the new website part of a re-brand, or new product?
  • List a few competitors’ websites.
  • List a few websites you like or think work well.
  • Do you have a timescales you need to work to?

Your brand

  • Is your brand established and will it inform the new website?
  • Do you need to consider a new brand or logo before the new website?
  • Do you have any other marketing materials that will be relevant to the new website design?


  • How do you intend to launch and market your new website?
  • Is your website part of a wider marketing drive?
  • Do you have an ongoing digital strategy?
We can help you or offer advice on your project no matter what stage you’re at. Give us a call or drop an email and we’ll be delighted to chat.