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A few of us at lamontdesign still remember life before the digital age. Before websites and apps. Before content management and responsive layouts. Times have definitely changed, but it’s important not to forget just how much impact print has on your company’s brand image. Design, paper and skilled printing, all say more than you might think about the quality of your product and service.

We still love ink. We still love paper. You should too.

Come and speak to us about:

  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Press and print advertising
  • Product packaging and promotion
  • Books and publications
  • Exhibition stands displays

Your brand style needs to flow from online to your offline presence. Brochures, leaflets, flyers, and branded stationery all need to measure up in quality and delivery. Make sure you don’t let your brand down with poorly presented materials.


Well designed packing can be the difference between a successful product and missing the market – we all initially evaluate the quality of a product by the way it’s presented. Our extensive experience designing and producing all things packaging; boxes, labels, tags & bags can help get it right first time.


What paper to use? What finish is available? Who can deliver the quality you want? If you’re not immersed in the print industry it can be challenging trying to find what you need, and at the right price. We can help with advice on what’s available, or manage the production of your whole print project.

Design for Print - Highland Soap Packaging - lamontdesign

Design for Print - Highland Soap Packaging - lamontdesign

Design for Print - Highland Soap Packaging - lamontdesign

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